View of the Meadow
View of the Meadow

Volunteer to help remove invasive plants at Carpenter Farm Park, 55 Old Field Rd, Huntington, NY.  Click “Carpenter Farm Park” under Categories in the left column to view past volunteer activities.

Click here to request more information and to sign up.

Quick Survey

If you would like to complete the following survey, please copy and paste it into the Message box on the Contact Me page, complete the questions by placing an “x” next to your answers and click “Submit.”

  1. Do you currently own a residence on Long Island?      Yes___  No___
  2. Does your property have additional space (other than  the house and other structures) for a yard?                                            Yes___  No___
  3. Would you consider your yard to be typical for a home on Long Island (grass, shrubs, trees)?                                                      Yes___  No___
  4. Do you do your own yard maintenance or hire a  landscaper?            I do my own yard maintenance ___    I use a landscaper ___
  5. How would you rate your concern about threats to the quality of Long Island’s water supply?                                                                               (1= Not concerned, 5= Very concerned)  1__ 2__  3__  4__  5__
  6. How would you rate your concern about chemical runoff affecting Long Island’s coastal marine environment?                        (1= Not concerned, 5= Very concerned)   1__  2 __3__  4__  5__
  7. How would you rate your concern about declining open space and Long Island becoming a more urban environment?                    (1= Not concerned, 5= Very concerned)   1__  2__  3__  4__  5__
  8. How often do you visit local parks and nature preserves per year?     (1= Not at all, 2= 2 to 3 times, 3= 4 to 5 times,4 = 6 to 7  times, 5 = more than 7 times)                           1__  2__  3__  4__  5__
  9. As an individual, how much impact do you believe you     have for helping to protect Long Island’s environment and wildlife habitat?  (1= None, 5= Much impact)           1__  2__  3__  4__  5__



Save Native Plants…Remove Invasive Species