ReWild LI Presents Native Gardening Webinars

Anthony founded Dropseed Native Landscapes to give Long Islanders the ability to transform their piece of the island into a native plant oasis to sustain both humans and wildlife alike. Others passed the word on by creating and facilitating local gardens at: and at the     Long Island Native Plant Initiative

You don’t need a lot of space to create a big buzz with pollinators and other wildlife. Whether you have a small yard, or just want to convert a portion of a larger space, a Postage Stamp Prairie is the answer. Also known as Pocket Prairies, these small plantings have the ability to recreate the Maritime Grassland plant communities that once dominated large portions of Long Island, providing you with an attractive, biodiverse garden filled with color and life. Anthony Marinello, a permaculture & rewilding expert, presents this session for new and experienced rewilders alike.



Maintenance for a Weed Free and Vibrant Native Garden

Anthony Marinello, a permaculture and rewilding expert, presents this session on Native Garden maintenance for new and experienced rewilders alike. He walks us through the seasonal calendar, discussing the do’s and don’ts of caring for native plants, including tips and tricks for continued success in keeping your plantings looking and functioning at their best.

A garden is not a wilderness. A native plant garden, like any other garden, requires maintenance to ensure that pesky invasives and unwanted exotics do not detract from its aesthetic and ecological purposes. Further, a native garden requires a very different maintenance schedule than a traditional ornamental planting. Weeding of invasive species is extremely important while your garden is establishing as well as after it has matured – but how do you tell a “native volunteer” from a “pesky invasive?”

Save Native Plants…Remove Invasive Species