Carpenter Farm Park

Restoration at Carpenter Farm Park —Huntington, NY

J. McLaughlin
J. McLaughlin

2022 Progress Report

Several acres were recently discovered at Carpenter Farm Park that are closed to the public and which have been invaded by vines, covering trees and shrubs, pulling them down and killing many.  The main culprit is porcelain-berry. (Hover over photos for close-ups.)

Porcelain-berry covers small trees and shrubs in foreground -7/4/22
Close-up of porcelain-berry mounds – 7/4/22
Other views of porcelain-berry mounds – 7/4/22
Again, more porcelain-berry mounds – 7/4/22
While the lower half of this 40 foot tree was covered by porcelain-berries, many other smaller trees were hidden beneath the vines – 7/4/22

The pictures above are samples of a significant porcelain-berry invasion covering several acres, but the vines are also spreading throughout the rest of the park and in the local community.  Starting July 4, 2022, I hand pulled and cut the vines on average of 4 hours/day, weather permitting.  Click porcelain-berry removal for information on controlling this invasive plant. The following photos testify to the benefits of removing porcelain-berry vines:

The area up to the 40 foot black locust tree with piles of vine cuttings in the foreground – 7/25/22
The area approaching the locust tree now harbors young polkweed – 10/15/22
Downed tree covered with dead vines and 2 polkweed shrubs that emerged after vine removal – 7/19/22
Row of native polkweed as the dominant shrub – 10/19/22
View of the work-in-process restoration – 10/19/22

Julie Sullivan