Carpenter Farm Park

The Town of Huntington’s 12.4-acre Carpenter Farm Park, is located at 55 Old Field Road in Greenlawn, Huntington, New York.  Once a working farm, this property is now used for passive parkland and educational purposes.

The Town of Huntington purchased the property, May 17, 2013 at the urging of the community “because of its historic and environmental value,” said Councilman Cuthbertson, who sponsored the resolutions to make the purchase. “I am pleased that such an important part of Greenlawn’s history will be preserved.”

Today, both individuals and school groups can explore the property’s rolling meadows and observe its native wildlife. Sections of the meadows are being maintained as important grassland habitat.

The site is known as Carpenter Farm Park in honor of Dr. Walter Carpenter, who was the first Board-certified pediatrician in Suffolk County. Dr. Carpenter was a World War II war hero, awarded for bravery with the Congressional Medal of Honor. He served as a young doctor for 7 years in the Army Medical Corp.

The Carpenter farm was once an active farm with barns, a water tower, and a large residential structure that also supported Dr. Carpenter’s pediatrics practice.

The farm was a haven for Dr. Carpenter. He never used chemicals and it was maintained as an organic operation throughout his ownership from the late 1940s. Horses were boarded there, chickens were raised, and sheep were kept to train border collies. Dr. Carpenter supported the efforts of many that were interested in helping to maintain the working farm and he welcomed visitors to enjoy it.

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