Winter Creeper

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Wintercreeper evergreen vine with English ivy (lower left on photo)

Also known as creeping euonymus, in winter this evergreen vine produces a four-lobed pale green pod-like berry, which splits open to reveal the fleshy-coated orange seeds, one seed in each lobe. This vine often grows along with English ivy, resembles it, and can be removed in the same manner.

Pull long vines up from along the ground to the point where they are rooted, and dig or pull out small roots with large pliers. Use a Pulaski, mattock, or weed wrench to remove larger roots. Since any part of the remaining plant system may re-root at a node, the cut vines should be stored off the ground to air dry.  Fruit-bearing vines must be bagged and disposed to prevent reestablishment. Click Vine Removal for details.  Revisit site to remove new growth over the growing season.

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